Marble Cleaning and Restoration NJ

Marble Cleaning and Restoration in New Jersey

The process of restoration of marble flooring


If the degree of damage to the coating is not significant, for example, polishing only slightly faded, then you can do by polishing. Grinding in this case is not required. But if on the surface of the coating there are old indelible stains or deep scratches, the restoration process will require more serious intervention. In such cases, the repair of the marble floor is carried out in the following sequence of actions:

The surface of the coating must be carefully cleaned of dirt, especially dust. Particular attention should be paid to the seams between the marble tiles. They must be cleaned with special care, and if necessary degrease with alcohol. Then, all existing damages and seams should be sealed with a special putty. For this purpose it is necessary to use the composition on an adhesive basis, in colour identical to the shade of marble. The desired colour of the composition can be toned on its own or purchased ready-made filler.

The next step is to use a grinding machine with the presence of coarse abrasive. This will allow for deep grinding, which removes the damaged coating layer. It also removes stubborn stains and mechanical damage to the surface.

Next, apply the product for the marble floor in the form of liquid glue. This will strengthen the strength characteristics of marble and fill the pores of the material. And also during further operation it will prevent the absorption of liquid into the coating. After completing several passes by the machine, you need to see the result. If deep damage to the surface is not eliminated, they must be eliminated with epoxy resin. The resin should be applied in the appropriate colour and with the content of marble pieces.

Then you need to walk a few more times grinding machine. After each pass, the grinding wheels should be replaced with smaller ones.

Next on the machine we install polishing wheels, which process the marble to give it shine.

Then, crystallization is carried out. As a result of this procedure, the surface of the marble floor becomes more durable, and also shiny and smooth.




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