Marble Polishing and Stone Restoration

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Dear Customers

The process of polishing marble is a fact that requires great expertise and professionalism.

Therefore, the process of bringing the natural luster to the marble is an expensive process.

There are many cleaning companies that do not specialize in natural stone work and use a coating of gloss over the marble which after a few months the appearance of the marble looks like linoleum tiles, and can damage the marble. 

So, remember If You are Cheap It’s Costing You More in the long run.

Before and After Pictures / Marble and Stone Polishing

Marble Polishing Before & After
Marble Polishing Before & After

Mega Marble Polishing is a family owned business. Our technicians are fully trained, offering the best and most professional service possible to bring back the natural shine to your marble. Securely established as Westchester, Long Island, and New York Cities stone care treatment specialist. Our extensive range of treatments ensures we can restore virtually any kind of damage including staining, etching, dullness, scratches, fading and wear marks. Resurfacing will remove stains, dirt and oil that is embedded in the pores of the stone surface, also removing any deep scratches and etching, transforming your stone into a clean highly polished stone surface. Acidic items such as citrus fruits, wine or vinegar can damage your stone like marble and limestone in some cases it will destroy the top layer of stone. Mega Marble should be your first call to restore your marble to its original shine without using any harmful chemicals and wax coating. Mega Marble Polishing offers grinding, polishing, cleaning and sealing of all stone, tile and concrete floors. Based on the New York (NY) New Jersey (NJ) and Connecticut (CT) Area, we service commercial and residential projects. We work closely with homeowners, builders, architects and interior designers to create floors that are an expression of the owners or compliment the business environment. Existing floors showing signs of wear can be restored back to their original beauty. Once restored these can then be maintained to prolong the life of the surface. Whether you have an existing floor or looking to create a new one Mega Marble Polishing is here to help and work with you to achieve your goals.

Remove Red Wine Stains Out Of Marble

Remove Acid Stains from Marble

Remove Acid Stains from Marble

Full sanitization services
Full sanitization services

Full Sanitization Services (99% Virus Kill)

During this unusual time of Covid 19, we are all sanitizing our homes to protect ourselves, our family and our loved ones. For professional cleaning of floors and countertops, we offer a commercial sanitizing process that uses fogging technology that is customized for the need of your home.

Our trained professionals have the detailing experience, tools and products required for complete and thorough sanitization and come to your property fully protected to eliminate the labor-intensive work of wiping and cleaning surfaces like marble, quartz, granite and quartzite, to absolve you from worrying about missing a spot or an unreachable corner.

Our service utilizes solutions and processes that are recommended by the CDC and is effective against: · Viruses · Bacteria · Fungi · Mold and other organisms. Ease your mind and call me for your residential, commercial, industrial and