Cleaning and Sanitizing Services

Full sanitization services
Full sanitization services

Disinfect the Home and Busines From Viruses


Due to The Covid 19 outbreak also known as Coronavirus. We have been taking extra precautions with our employees and our clients to make sure there is no spread of any viruses.

Our company offers extensive cleaning and disinfection service to help destroy the viruses. Our company follows guidelines and use sanitizers approved by CDC. We specialize in disinfecting homes, schools, offices, commercial and residential properties. In many offices there are many people working at one time which means you have many viruses at one time we help to insure that our company sanitizes the entire area to remove all the viruses, bacteria and germs there are.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Services
Cleaning and Sanitizing Services
  • Schools – In many schools, students travel abroad not only during the summer holidays, but also in the middle of the school year.


  •  Nursing homes – As the virus is especially dangerous for older people. Therefore, not many entire rooms are disinfected with the virus in order to destroy it and ensure that it does not penetrate the compound.


  •  Institutions that provide various public services – such as pharmacies, the National Insurance Institute, the IRS, etc. In these institutions, many people who carry viruses often pass through.


  •  Restaurants and cafes – Restaurants and cafes are also prone to bacteria and viruses, especially when it is closed places where the virus can spread rapidly. It is therefore advisable to disinfect in order to reduce the chance of getting infected.


  • Hotels – If there are places where disinfection is mandatory, the various guesthouses that host people not only from the country but from around the world. Coming from abroad – tourists that bring viruses. Therefore, it is important to call on professionals who know how to disinfect these places with skill and professionalism.


  • Home Sanitizing– The home is the first place to start to disinfect from bacteria and viruses. Private homes is extremely necessary to disinfect and sanitize this is designed to reduce the chances of infection. .
Cleaning Sanitizing Services
Cleaning Sanitizing Services

How to keep bacteria free?

The cleanliness of the home and the environment is important to all of us – but the truth is that many contaminants that we and our family are vulnerable to are not visible at all.

We come in contact with countless sources of bacteria during the day – at home, at work, in school, on public transport, on flights, in cafes, restaurants and in many different ways. This touch can be direct or indirect, for example, when we touch a door handle, a lift button, a computer keyboard, and any other objects that others have touched before us. All of these – and of course, the pets we raise – can be a source of infection with a bacterial infection that will pass on, in turn, to our family, our home and everything else around us. Our company comes in and sanitizes and disinfect the area or you so you do no miss a spot.


What types of infection are we exposed to?

The influenza virus and listeria, ultrasound, pneumococcal and salmonella bacteria are just a few examples of the huge number of different infectious agents in our environment – ranging from allergy to dangerous bacteria and viruses that can cause disease.

We are all exposed to various infections, but among the most vulnerable can be the elderly, pregnant women, infants and people with a weak immune system. In contrast, older people’s immune systems have weakened over the years and are therefore more susceptible to bacteria and other infections. So it is very important to clean and sanitizer your home office commercial or residential areas.


Even before the Corona Virus broke out, the energetic and dedicated team of our company worked and continued to work vigorously to provide the necessary response to every customer. The company specializes in providing services such as sanitizing your home and removal of viruses and bacteria. Our professionals use special machines and materials designed to fight germs. We are also a polishing company so not just we disinfect your home we are able to polish the marble floors and reseal the kitchen countertops.

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