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Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services NJ
Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services NJ

Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services NJ


Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid 19), our company has received many phone calls from customers asking for disinfection to where one of their employees or someone who came by later found him carrying the virus.

Following CDC guidelines on personal hygiene and isolation inventions after returning from overseas, it is very important to disinfect the areas of virus that have been exposed to many people to reduce the risk of bacteria.

Disinfecting Service NJ
Disinfecting Service NJ


There are many ways we disinfect the virus and minimize the risk of infecting others or any virus that is susceptible to bacteria.

We offer you an antiseptic based on hydrogen peroxide + alcohol that covers most types of viruses and bacteria.

The disinfection is done by misting on surfaces or pointing spray (depending on the location and the products contained therein) and does not damage existing equipment such as plastic and stainless steel.  


We recommend these sensitive days, not to take a risk, to help reduce the risks of infection, especially in areas exposed to many people, such as jobs and factories. If you happen to have a case that someone in the workplace like an office, home, factory, food chain or has moved in or stayed there for a long time and you want us to come and disinfect and sanitize the area please feel free to give us a call.






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